photo intérieur restaurant song qi monaco monte-carlo

SONG is the greatest Chinese dynasty that reigned from 960 to 1279, in the North as well as the South of China. It was synonymous with strength and power. This came from the inventions and breakthroughs devised by the great emperors during this three century reign. It was the first government in the world to issue banknotes, use gunpowder, indicate North and above all set up rice farming globally.

QI is an essential notion in the Chinese culture. It is the active principle forming and moving the universe and life. It can be found in any representation of nature and as an expressive notion of ‘breath’, ’spirituality, and ‘power’ in the Occident. It symbolizes currents and is associated with the number 3. In its sign form, Chinese people see the ’mi’ symbol that can be closely translated etymologically by «energy made by rice absorption».

DESIGN To reflect the Chinese gastronomy spirit, a magnificent combination of refined materials has been selected by the architects. With a predominance of black and white, the subtle touches of brass in the lightings and frames, as well as the silky green banquettes and chairs, bring warmth to SONG QI. The softness of velvet counterbalances the black marble of walls and tables. A tiled star stands out on the floor with its points undulating out across the room in tides of black and white. This intimate restaurant with its magnificent brass bar is the perfect combination between modernity, luxury and timelessness. All designed by Humbert & Poyet.