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is one of the greatest Chinese dynasty that ruled from 960 to 1279, in Northern and Southern China. It was synonymous of strength and power. The dynasty is seen as a time of economic, cultural and social prosperity and often coined the Chinese “renaissance”. Song was the first government in the world to issue banknotes, use gunpowder, indicate North and above all set up rice farming globally.


is an essential notion in the Chinese culture. It is the active principle forming and moving the universe and life. It can be found in any representation of nature and has an expressive notion of “breath”, spirituality, and power in the West. Qi is associated to the number 3 and, in its sign form, Chinese people see the “mi” symbol that could be translated etymologically by “energy made by rice absorption”.


Opened in 2014 and was born from the gastronomic passion of Riccardo Giraudi.
The goal was and still is to provide Monte-Carlo the only offer never created before, a modern fine dining Chinese restaurant.


We offer you the possibility to privatize the whole restaurant for your events.For a private party, a birthday or a professional event, contact us to ask for Song Qi’s privatization conditions. According to your needs, we can offer personalized services in collaboration with our partners (pastry chef, florist, designer etc).For any enquiries, please click the link below or contact us at +377 99 99 33 33.

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To reflect the Chinese gastronomy spirit, a magnificent combination of refined materials has been selected by the architects Humbert & Poyet. With a predominance of black and white, the subtle touches of brass in the lightings, as well as the silky green banquettes and chairs, bring warmth to Song Qi. The softness of velvet counterbalances with the black marble. A tiled star stands out on the floor with its points undulating out across the room in tides of black and white. This intimate restaurant is the perfect association of modernity, luxury and timelessness. All designed by Humbert & Poyet.

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To book a table, you can call us at : +377 99 99 33 33 

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